Monday, February 17, 2014

My angel brother White Boots

I would like to introduce one of my angel  brothers..White Boots....H is going to share his story with you...
Arrival Story:
I want to tell you my story...There are some holes in it but here it is as best I can tell you... I think I had a home and humans cared for me when I was little but I am not sure...I knew to go to Mom when I was outside and I knew to roll on my back for belly rubs and when I got sick and Mom took me in I knew what a litter box was... My life as I remember it all started in the late winter/early spring of 2006...I was outside and there were these 2 other cats...a girl Mom called Velvet and another boy she called Scruffy...Mom wanted to try and tame Velvet and started to feed her..Well Velvet did not want to be tamed but I did...Velvet would eat and run away if she saw Mom but I stuck around the patio and watched her...I started to trust her but only a little bit...One day Velvet and Scruffy decided that they did not like me and they took off together leaving me all alone...Mom continued to feed me because she felt sorry for me and I was so good looking and friendly...As summer came I started to let Mom pet me and I would go to her for belly rubs...One day when it was supposed to rain my food bowl was not sitting out in its usual spot but it was in a little file cabinet house...I was scared to go in and eat but I learned that it was safe for me there...Mom started to move my little house closer to her house and it was soon on her back porch right beside the door...I started to sleep there and stay there every night..I still went hunting during the day...She called me her outside Guard cat...she always told me to guard the patio when she went away...I always knew her car when she came home and ran to greet her... One evening she had her dinner on the patio and left her chair close to the window in the house...I stood on the chair and there was another cat inside the house...I went to the screen to introduce myself to him and he did not like me...He hissed and growled at me and was not friendly...Mom said his name is Midnight and he has a virus lurking in him and he can not be stressed so she could not take me in the house but she wanted me to stay and be her outside cat... I had a good and water every day and Pops went and got a heated pad and plugged it in for me to sleep on so I would be warm..But I was getting sick..All summer I sneezed but not too much as winter got colder my sneezing got worse and I was not feeling too well...One morning Mom came out and I was really sick so she let me go inside to the mud room where she had a bed ready for me..It was a Friday afternoon..All weekend she tried to help me but I kept getting sicker..On Monday she called someone named Dr Steve and put me in a porta prison and I went for my first and last car ride...They were really nice to me there but they told Mom I had something called feline aids and that I would never be healthy again where I was living...So Mom told me about the Meadow and how her other cat D-Max and his friends Ralphie and Baggy would be there to greet me..She also told me about my new Mommy Cat Pressy...I love her...I do not remember my first Mommy Cat or my first human Mom... Mom was crying when she told me all of this because she felt bad that she could not save me and had waited too long but I told her I was happy living outside and that I knew she loved me...I am now healthy and all the hunting I do is for fun...I will never be hungry again....That is my life as I best remember it...I do not know how old I am but Dr Steve said I was young...On February 19, 2007 I made the journey to the meadow at Rainbow's Bridge where I Was met by D-Max...


  1. Yu was a smart kitty to stay put an' get taken real good care of.
    Bless yur heart Angel W. B.

  2. Oh White Boots, I neFUR knew yew used to run to greet yer Mom when she would arrive in dah car - dat ish sho shweet and cute! I loves dose piktures yew gots on yer Catster page of yew fishin' - dose is so cute, I hopes yew will share 'dem on here too. I'm so glad my angel sisfur Greta hash such a wonderpurr furiend on dah Bridge and I know you two play together efurry day, along wif all our other shweet angel furriends. Thank you fur watchin' oFUR ush and bein such a good gaudrian angel to yer furiends and family - we loves yew!